# 全球购 # Ultrasonic cleaning machines generate high-frequency vibrations of ultrasonic waves to explode tiny bubbles in the cleaning solution on the surface of the glasses, thereby completely removing dirt, grease and bacteria. This cleaning method can penetrate deeply into the tiny gaps of the glasses, ensuring thorough and gentle cleaning, and restoring the clarity and transparency of the glasses. Before I use ultrasonic cleaning for my glasses, I first clean the lenses and temples with soap, hand soap, or dishwashing liquid. Using warm water and mild soap to clean your glasses can remove surface grease and dirt, providing better cleaning results for ultrasonic cleaning! ! Ultrasonic cleaning machines are not only suitable for glasses, but can also be used to clean jewelry, watches, needles, dental tools, and more.
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yami_featured_image # 全球购 # 超声波清洗机通过产生高频振动的超声波,将清洗液中的微小气泡在眼镜表面爆破,从而彻底清除污垢、油脂和细菌。 这种清洗方法能够深入到眼镜的微小缝隙,保证清洁彻底而温和,使眼镜恢复清晰透明。 我在使用超声波清洗眼镜之前,会先用肥皂,洗手液,或洗洁精清洗一下镜片和眼镜腿。使用温水和温和的肥皂清洗眼镜可以去除表面的油脂和污垢,为超声波清洗提供更好的清洁效果哦!! 超声波清洗机不仅适用于眼镜,还能用于清洗珠宝、手表、针管、牙科工具等等。