# 全球购 # 🤩Oh look what I found! I unexpectedly found a replacement for the double-layered long electric steamer. The shape is beautiful and the price is even better. I can’t justify not buying it! Poros double-layer stainless steel electric steamer has a large capacity of 10L and is particularly convenient for double-layer steaming food. The sides of the pot are quite high, and a large glass bowl like a basin can be placed easily. The capacity in terms of length is also very sufficient, and the long ceramic plate can fit in just right. The lid is made of glass so you can see the cooking process of the food. When steaming fish, shrimps and crabs without opening the lid and the heat does not escape, you can better judge the degree of doneness. In addition, unlike traditional steamers, where the food plates are placed on the bottom of the steamer, this electric steamer is designed so that the plates are on the top of the steamer. It is particularly convenient to take out when it is steaming. You no longer have to worry about being burned by the walls of the steamer when taking out the plates. Or the plate is just the right size and cannot be taken out without tilting it. Poros' steamer has three major functions: steaming, stewing, and high-temperature sterilization. In addition to adjusting the required cooking time when choosing steaming and stewing, you can also reserve it for up to 24 hours. If you set it at night, you will have a delicious breakfast to eat in the morning! The steamer is very powerful and the steam is very fast. I tried stewing beef and steaming soup and I was very satisfied. I would like to mention a design that I like very much, that is, by lifting the handle of the main unit, you can add water directly. If the water is not enough, you don’t have to lift the entire steamer and you can add water easily. This feature is so awesome 👍 Overall, I am very satisfied with it. Practical and affordable multifunctional electric steamer, recommended!
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yami_featured_image # 全球购 # 🤩哟呵看我发现了什么!意外找到了双层长型电蒸锅平替款,造型很美,价格更美,不拿下都说不过去啊! Poros 双层不锈钢电蒸锅,10L容量很大,双层蒸食物特别方便。锅子侧边挺高的,盆一样的玻璃大碗都能轻松摆下。长度方面的容量也十分够用,陶瓷长盘放进去刚刚好。 盖子是玻璃的可以看到食物蒸煮的过程,蒸鱼虾蟹能在不开盖不散溢热气时,更好判断熟的程度。另外有别于传统蒸锅,食物盘放在蒸笼底层,这个电蒸锅的设计是盘子在蒸笼顶层,要在热气腾腾的时候拿出特别方便,再也不用担心取出盘子的时候被蒸笼壁烫到,或是盘子大小太刚好,不倾斜拿不出的困扰。 Poros 的蒸锅有三大功能:蒸、炖、高温杀菌。选择蒸炖除了可调需要的烹调时间长度,还可以预约长达24小时,晚上设定好,早晨就有美美的早餐可以吃啦! 蒸锅火力很足上汽很快,试了炖牛肉以及蒸汤都很满意。特别提一个很喜欢的设计,就是主机的把手往上掀起,就能直接加水,中途如果水不够了不用把蒸笼全部提起,轻松就能加水了,这个特色太给力了👍 整体非常满意,是很实用又实惠的多功能电蒸锅,推荐!