84 bottles, once again breakthrough self. But I want to say that Coconut Brand Coconut Juice is the drink that I have seen so far that contains less additives and sugar, only 1g of sugar and 50 calories. Compared with Coke, a can has 35g of sugar, 139 calories, and a lot of conscience. It is indeed a state banquet drink 👏🏻
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84瓶,再一次突破自我。 不过想说一下,椰树牌椰汁是我目前看到过饮料里面放比较少添加剂跟糖分的,只有1g的糖,50卡路里。相比可乐这些,一罐就有35g的糖,139卡路里,良心不少,不愧是国宴饮品👏🏻