Wow, another box arrived, happy Abalone Abalone is super delicious! ! ! ! ! This time it's a buyback And the big jar of soy milk powder is also very convenient and cost-effective. Is winter coming? You can't drink cold soy milk all the time (my house goes up and down the stairs, and it is not convenient to use a microwave oven) Vitasoy is also delicious (I am a soy milk addict) I love Yonghe soy milk very much in China, and I also love the brewing powder. I don’t know how this canned product is. Anyway, it’s very cheap. Buy it and try it! I will share it with you, please remember to keep following me mua!
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哇又到了一箱 开心 鲍鱼鲍鱼超好吃!!!!!这次是回购 还有那个大罐子豆奶粉也非常方便性价比高 冬天来了吗 总不能老喝冷豆浆吧(我家上下楼,用微波炉也不方便) 维他奶也是一级好喝的(我是豆浆控) 永和豆浆我在国内很爱喝 也很爱那个冲泡粉 不知道这个罐装的怎么样 反正很便宜 买来试试啦!我会和大家分享的 请记得持续关注我哦 mua!