Originally, I ordered a dozen of Lee Kum Kee's sauces, but because there were already more than 30 items in the shopping cart, plus more than 40 of Lee Kum Kee's, I wanted to collect more to catch up with the free postage, and in the end I watched Lee Kum Kee one by one. Insufficient stock, there are only five items left 🤣Sometimes it is necessary to spend some postage! Acne cream and warm baby are not available at the second discount price. If you are upset, it is good to comfort yourself with a 15% discount. I have been in the mood for a long time, and I don’t usually have the habit of eating instant hot pot. All the items will be reviewed in the future after they have been tried and tested. In order to participate in the free-order activities of the big CEOs, I actually like to post orders, which is very interesting. Hey-hey
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