I have eaten and used it Start my evaluation (performance) hee hee hee🎉

1.Bought six packs of snail powder It's still delicious but it hurts to eat too much at once🤦🏼‍♀️   Bought two flavors I feel the spicy snail powder is better😋< /span>

2.Maru San's cotton pads are very soft Really can become5layers hahaha The only disadvantage may be that it is not easy to take.

3.Shiseido's bottle of body wash is delicious It seems to have a floral fragrance in the back The top note is grapefruit fragrance After washing, it feels almost like using Shiseido Love the feeling of no fake slips👏 but feel I prefer leisurely

4.I love this shampoo from Shiseido💕 A strong grapefruit smell when washing (it smells so good) After washing the bubbles, there is no scent at all. But after blow-drying (probably hahaha) the hair becomes more fragrant I love it❤️ And it feels pretty fluffy after washing. will repurchase! ! By the way, that conditioner is really not easy to use It is not easy to squeeze And the cap breaks after one use

5.Wangwang's senbei is delicious < span class="s1">It's still the same flavor as before I can't stop once I eat it I ate it all in one day hahaha I got two pimples :( But it's super delicious. I plan to buy it next time7the one with more knives hahaha Winter break eatingqwq

6.Guanyou's Chongqing Small Noodles Beef Noodles < span class="s1">It's delicious!! ! ! Key recommendation 💜 This noodle is kind of wide but very tasty I microwave first7mins< span class="s2"> then pour off the water add in Warm water Add seasoning Put it back into the microwave to cook30seconds < span class="s1">It can be said that every noodle has a taste! ! ! Don't miss it for the heavy-mouthed friends. expressing their intention to repurchase immediately! ! ! Awesome👏🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

7.Guanyou red oily skin feels too ordinary (see p4 span>) I don't feel like the pictures uploaded by everyone... It's not spicy at all I thought it was because I left out the sauce package but checked 2times< span class="s2"> Nothing missing at all face A strange smell It's easy to get mushy... Won't repurchase

8.The first instant noodles After eating a bunch of spicy instant noodles Suddenly eating feelinghingreat I plan to try it all next time hahaha

9.Indonesia's instant noodles are good👌🏻< span class="s1">The portion is less I am average2< /span>Pack up Spicy recommendation But I don't know why boiled water is all Super Yellow... (see p3< span class="s1">) and then a little speechless about its seasoning package Not easy to put at all< span class="s2"> But I will still repurchase it, hahaha, it's quite cheap after all

10.Amore hair care oil is really good! ! ! Hair becomes slippery after one use.💕 will definitely repurchase Da👏🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

11.This face wash from the Ishizawa Institute < span class="s1">I don't feel any peach flavor And I don't feel the pores are smaller Maybe it's for persistence? ! Will not repurchase it

12.The last one must complain about this fragrance I was planning to buy spray clothes I saw this instead felt cute just bought it The result is a soapy smell...And there is a strong alcohol smell I personally don't like the smell I can't stand the smell of this more than that in a taxi Just dizzy and nauseous…

I feel that the sauce is not very enough This is2Package (Indonesia)

That's itovo

Because it is the first time to write Everyone needs more letters 💚

Love you hehehehe💕

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都吃过了用过了 开始我的测评(表演)啦嘻嘻嘻🎉

1.螺蛳粉买了六包 还是一样的好吃 但是一次吃太多感觉肚子疼🤦🏼‍♀️   买了两种味道 感觉麻辣螺蛳粉更好吃😋

2.丸三的化妆棉很软 真的可以变成5层哈哈哈 唯一的缺点可能就是不好拿吧

3.资生堂的这瓶沐浴乳挺香哒 好像到后面也有花香 前调是西柚香哒 洗完后和用资生堂可悠然感觉差不多吧 喜欢这种没有假滑的感觉👏 但感觉更喜欢可悠然的

4.资生堂的这瓶洗发水好喜欢💕 洗的时候浓浓哒西柚味(太好闻了)洗完泡泡以后就没有啥香味啦感觉 但是但是吹干了以后(大概哈哈哈)头发就变的更加香了 好喜欢❤️ 而且感觉洗完以后蛮蓬松的 会回购!!对了那个护发素真的不好用 不好挤 而且用一次盖子就坏了

5.旺旺的仙贝好好吃呐 还是以前的味道 一吃就停不下来 一天就吃完了哈哈哈 长了两痘痘:(但是超好吃呐打算下次买7刀多的那个哈哈哈 寒假吃qwq

6.关友的重庆小面牛肉面 好好吃呀啊啊啊!!! 重点推荐介个 💜 这个面面是那种宽面但是很入味呀 我是微波炉先煮7分钟左右 然后把水倒掉 再加入温水 再加入调料 再放进微波炉煮30秒 可以说是每一根面条都有味道!!!重口的小伙伴千万别错过哟 表示打算马上回购!!!太棒了👏🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

7.关友红油面皮感觉太一般了吧(见p4)我的感觉跟所有人上传的图都不太...根本没有一点点辣味呀 我还以为是我少放了酱料包 但是检查了2遍 根本没有少放任何东西 面一股怪怪的味道 还容易糊成一团... 不会回购

8.出前一丁的泡面 在吃了一堆辣的泡面后 突然一吃 感觉hin棒呐 打算下次把它家所有的尝一遍哈哈哈

9.印尼的泡面还不错👌🏻分量较少 我一般2包起 辣味的推荐哟 但是不知道为啥 煮出来水都是超黄的... (见p3)然后对它的调料包有点无语 一点都不好放 但是还是会回购的哈哈哈毕竟还蛮便宜

10.爱茉莉护发精油真的是好好用啊!!!用了一次头发就变滑了喜欢💕 一定会回购哒👏🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

11.石泽研究所的这个洗面奶 没感觉到啥桃子味 而且也没有感觉毛孔小了 可能是要持久用?!不会回购了吧

12.最后一个一定要吐槽这个香水 本来是打算买喷衣服的 结果看到了这个 感觉蛮可爱的 就买了 结果是一股肥皂味...而且还有很浓的酒精味 我个人特别不喜欢这个味道 闻这个比那种出租车里面味道还让我受不了 简直头晕想吐……

感觉酱不是很足诶 这个是2包的量(印尼)


因为第一次写 大家要多包函哦💚