review: 1) Braised lotus root: the portion is very large. The taste is between crispy lotus root and noodle lotus root. As a small snack, it is a bit spicy, but it is just right as a side dish. One day, the stewed pork ribs were served with a few packets of braised lotus root, which added color. 2) Always keep spicy and fresh at home, put a little in the stewed soup and cooking to increase the freshness and spiciness. 3) I can't find the link to the oatmeal, it's the taste of the oatmeal I ate when I was a child. The fragrance is a little artificial, sweet. Um. Drinking is memories. Not bad for breakfast.
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review: 1)卤藕:分量很大。口感介于脆藕和面藕之间。作为小零嘴儿是有点偏辣了,作为配菜确是刚刚好。某天炖排骨配了几包卤藕,很增色。2)家中常备麻辣鲜,炖汤烧菜放上一点,增鲜增辣。3)麦片找不到链接,是小时候吃的麦片的味道。香的有点人工,小甜。嗯。喝的是回忆。作为早餐也还不赖。