"Slimming liposuction Coke", I have bought 5 times, a total of 25 bottles, I am also crazy... In fact, I have never liked drinking Coke very much, but every time I hear the words "slim down, lose fat", I endure it. I can’t stop buying and buying frantically. Sometimes I know it’s impossible and I still have to try it before I give up. God knows how much I want to lose weight 😓😓 … But fortunately, it is not unpleasant to drink. It tastes similar to ordinary cola. I just like that it is not too sweet, has zero calories and zero fat. It is said that its biggest feature is that each bottle contains 5g of "indigestible maltose paste", commonly known as "water-soluble maltose paste". "Dietary fiber", which can make people feel fuller, thereby reducing the amount of food eaten to achieve the effect of weight loss. Now I drink one bottle a day, and I have drank 4 bottles. I feel a little bit of satiety, but it is not to suppress my appetite. After a few days of drinking, I feel that it helps to defecate a little, but I feel that relying on it to lose weight is not Possibly, it's good to drink it as a drink and not be afraid of gaining weight....... 😁😁
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“瘦身吸脂可乐”,已经买了5次,共25瓶,我也是疯了……其实一向我都不怎么爱喝可乐的,但是每次听到“瘦身,去脂”这些字眼,就忍不住的疯狂买买买了,有时候明知道不可能的也还是要试试才死心,天知道我是个多么想瘦的人啊😓😓…… 不过还好不难喝,和普通可乐的味道差不多,就是喜欢它不怎么甜,零卡路里零脂肪,据说它最大的特点在于每瓶内含有5g的“难消化性麦芽糖糊”,俗称为“水溶性膳食纤维”的东西,这东西能让人感觉有饱腹感,从而减少进食量达到减肥的效果。 现在一天一瓶,喝了4瓶了,感觉是有那么一点点的饱腹感,但并不是抑制食欲,喝了几天感觉就开始有点帮助排便💩的效果,不过感觉要靠它瘦是不可能的,当作饮料喝又不怕长胖还是不错的.......😁😁