The happiest thing after get off work is a big box of snacks at the door 🐣 I don't know why I suddenly like the taste of matcha tea. That matcha truffle chocolate is really invincible and delicious. My biggest disappointment is probably the rock candied haws, an indescribable taste. I advise everyone not to buy them if they can. The taste is different at all.
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下班最开心的就是门口出现一大箱子零食🐣最近不知道为什么突然喜欢抹茶味儿,那个抹茶松露巧克力真的超级无敌好吃。 我最失望的可能就是冰糖葫芦了,一股难以描述的味道,劝大家能不买就不买 味道一点都不一样