#Bonnie Yu's irregular 晒单# 1️⃣ Let’s talk about hot pot, I have bought several kinds of Yami’s simple hot pot, and these two are quite good. American male pelvis also likes to eat. I'm not a big fan of spicy food, so I just need a little bit of it. I'll add a little vinegar and tahini myself afterwards. This taste 🤤 2️⃣ Let’s talk about cosmetics and nail polish. I personally like 3CE very much. The color is very suitable for Asian skin tones, and it is also a little cheaper than POI in the United States. The little bottle with the eyebrows removed is definitely a big love ❤️! Because my skin is relatively oily, and the sun itself is very strong on Fl, I think this thing is a must-have anti-makeup magic weapon for me in the future. 3️⃣Lemon juice has always been my favorite. Basically, it is an indispensable drink in my refrigerator. Yami's order is cheaper than the supermarket 💰. 4️⃣I don’t remember how many times I bought it, but it’s really delicious. I recommend buying it👍🏻. 5️⃣Curry is bought to make it easy to eat hot when you are thirsty. Well packaged, no damage.
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#Bonnie渔的不定期晒单# 1️⃣想说说火锅吧,亚米的的简易火锅我买过好几种,这两款还是比较不错的。米国男盆骨也很爱吃。我不太爱吃辣,所以只需要放一点点辣就好。之后我自己会加入一点醋和芝麻酱。这口感🤤 2️⃣再来说说化妆品和指甲油,我个人非常喜欢3CE,颜色很适合亚洲人的肤色,也比米国的POI便宜一点。 眉毛放掉的那个小瓶瓶绝对是大爱❤️!因为我的皮肤比较油,加上Fl这边太阳本身就很足,所以这个东西觉得是我以后必备的防脱妆法宝。 3️⃣柠檬汁一直是我的最爱,基本上是我冰箱里不可缺少的饮品,亚米的单要比超市便宜💰。 4️⃣炸酱面是第几次买不记得了,但是真的特别好吃,推介购买👍🏻。 5️⃣咖喱是为了买来方便如饥似渴的时候热来吃的。不过包装很好,无破损。