I love this spicy snail powder Quantity is more than others The soup is actually pretty much the same as the others. But its spicy buns are very correct, the kind of fragrant, numb spicy It's so spicy that I want to cry, but it's so cool It did not mask the aroma of the snail lion soup because of the spicy There are also noodles that are well cooked and will not fall off But every time I finish eating, it's going to burst. But I don't want to throw the soup away A bowl like this is really heartwarming in winter I often use it as a hot pot, throw everything in it Everyone can try But a little spit about its tofu strips Every time I eat it, I feel like something is wrong. I can't explain it. But it doesn't affect my liking for Luobawang or give it a hundred likes Please Yamibuy to do activities often
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好喜欢这款麻辣螺狮粉 分量比其它款都要多得多 汤头其实和其他款的差不多 但是它的辣包很正,是那种香香的、麻麻的辣 全部都加进去真的辣到想哭 但是却很爽 并没有因为辣而掩盖了螺狮汤头的香味 还有面也是很好煮,不会陀掉 不过每次到了吃完都是撑到爆 但是又不舍得把汤倒掉 冬天这样来一碗真的很暖心 经常用它来当做火锅呢,什么都往里面丢 大家可以试试 不过小小的吐槽一下它的豆腐条 每次吃好像都觉得哪里不对劲 说不上来的感觉 但是不影响我对螺霸王的喜欢 还是给它一百个赞 请亚米网常常做活动呢