2017 Food Notes (╹ڡ╹ ) N Recommended Foods + 1 Small Tucao

As soon as the 2017 Empty Bottle Story ended, I thought that the food story can also be shared. The following is completely personal taste, for your reference only.

Going straight to the topic, this list includes, 6 recommended foods♥, 5 out-of-stock foods (please restock), and 1 Tucao food (the only unlucky one).

Recommended food:

1. Of course, biscuits are indispensable for snacks. This milk-flavored pancake is not too sweet, so it will not be greasy. In addition, the independent packaging is hygienic and easy to carry.

2. You should be familiar with this snack. The crispy noodles that have been repurchased for a long time have good taste and are also individually packaged. The point is that the price is affordable.

3. This Thai milk tea has been repurchased many times, and now I still have stock at home. It is just a tea bag itself. If you only make tea, the taste will be weaker. I add milk every time, so it becomes a Thai milk tea. It has a taste and is not too sweet. It is the most suitable for me who does not like drinking water. .

4. Another favorite is this Okinawa milk tea. It is much sweeter than the Thai milk tea above. When you open it, you will smell the taste of brown sugar. It has a strong taste if you can make a big cup. Preferred drink.

5. I have eaten so many fish tofu series, but this is my favorite. The barbecue taste is not too salty, just a little spicy, and it feels just right. I also bought the crab scent, but it feels average, so I don't have much impression.

6. This egg yolk cake is a bit expensive, but it tastes delicious. It is individually packaged to eat a little at a time, and it will not be greasy. It is recommended for friends who like egg yolk flavor.

Out of stock food: (The photos are not real pictures, because they are currently out of stock T.T, but I have bought these things before, so I beg for replenishment!)

1. Although there are not many in a box, the taste is delicious. Friends who like sweets can try it.

2. Does recommending this snack reveal your age = =. I know it's very old, but it's always been a favorite biscuit, and I've bought other flavors, but I still love vanilla chocolate.

3. Chestnuts eaten by lazy people. It is convenient to eat and tastes good, and it is a must-have snack for watching TV.

4. I ate it at a friend's house by chance and thought it was delicious. I have always liked all kinds of potato things, so naturally this is indispensable. However, if you eat too much, it still feels quite salty, so you need to control it.

5. I don't know why, but one day I suddenly wanted to eat zongzi, so after I tasted it, I couldn't stop myself, and I would buy it as long as it was in stock.

Last hapless:

Actually, there are some other snacks I want to complain about, but because they have all been eaten or thrown away, this is the only one left.

After eating it, I don't think there are any bright spots. Although the taste is normal, the taste is a bit strange. It may be different from ordinary biscuits.

The above is the 2017 Food Story, and there will be 2017 Beauty Notes, as well as the previous 2017 Empty Bottle Notes, all friends are welcome to pay attention and like o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ.

In 2018, I wish you all the foodies to eat without getting fat~♥

by BlueBlue

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2017美食记 (╹ڡ╹ ) N个推荐美食+1个小吐槽




1. 吃零食当然少不了饼干,这款牛奶味的煎饼不会太甜,所以吃起来不会腻。外加上独立包装卫生又方便携带。

2. 这个零食应该都不陌生,长期回购的干脆面,味道好也是独立包装,重点是价格实惠,当零食再好不过了。

3. 这款泰式奶茶回购了很多次,现在家里还有囤货。它本身只是茶包,只泡茶的话,味道会比较淡,我每次都会加牛奶,这样就变泰式奶茶了,有味道又不会很甜,对于不爱喝水的我,最合适了。

4. 另一款最爱喝的就是这个冲绳奶茶了,比上面的泰式奶茶会甜很多,打开就会闻到黑糖的味道,能冲一大杯味道都很浓,下午茶的首选饮品。

5. 吃来吃去那么多鱼豆腐系列,最喜欢的还是这个,烧烤味不会太咸,一点点微辣,感觉正合适。蟹香味我也买过,但感觉一般,就没有太大印象。

6. 这款蛋黄饼有点略贵,不过好吃就是好吃,独立包装一次吃一点,也不会腻,推荐给喜欢蛋黄口味的小伙伴们。


1. 虽然一盒里面不多,但味道很好吃,喜欢吃甜食的小伙伴们可以试试看。

2. 推荐这个零食是不是暴露年龄了= =。我知道它很有年代感,但一直以来都是很喜欢吃的一款饼干,也买过其他口味,不过还是独爱香草巧克力。

3. 懒人吃的板栗。吃起来方便口感也不错,看电视必备零食。

4. 偶然间在朋友家吃到,觉得很好吃。本来就很喜欢各种土豆的东西,所以自然少不了这个。不过吃多了感觉还是挺咸的,要控制。

5. 不知道为什么,有一天就突然很想吃粽子,于是尝了这个后就欲罢不能了,只要有货就会买来吃。




以上就是这次的2017美食记,之后还会有2017美妆记,还有之前的2017空瓶记,都欢迎小伙伴们关注点赞哦o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ。


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