Yami's annual report key words-❀Peach Blossom❀

How to say, no matter if you are new to Yami or a veteran, as long as you are overseas, Yami has really saved countless overseas parties, and I am one of them. Friends in New York can be better, in remote states, it is really impossible to buy a horse. So, lucky to have it here.

With this annual report, I found out that I only placed my first order after two years of registration. Why did I go in the middle?

There really is a time to place an order, from morning to night. . .

Although the Top 10 things are good, the things I really want to share have been posted before. Friends can refer to my "Empty Bottles" and "Food Notes", and I will post "Beauty Makeup Notes" later. By the way, the idea of this report is really good. After reading everyone's Top 10 report, I planted a lot of things.

In 2018, I wish my friends the peach blossoms~♥

by BlueBlue

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虽说Top 10的东西都不错,但真正想分享的东西之前已经晒过了。小伙伴们可以参考我的“空瓶记”“美食记”,之后还会再晒“美妆记”。话说这个报告的主意真不错,看了大家的Top10报告,又种草不少东西。


by BlueBlue