Shan Liren's pecans amazed me, the taste is fresh! Repurchase now! I have always eaten Liuzhou's snail lion noodles, and this time I will experience the most delicious one in the legend. Shaanxi Liangpi is also very good. I like to add a little sesame sauce when I eat it, the taste is very correct! Zero makeup remover is the second time I repurchase. I bought the blue bottle for the first time. It removes very cleanly and emulsifies very well. When I'm lazy, I also use it to remove eye makeup and lip makeup. I use kiss me. The eyeliner is easy to remove!
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山里仁那个山核桃惊艳到我了,味道新鲜!立刻回购!一直都是吃柳州的螺狮粉,这次体验一下传说中最好吃的这个。陕西凉皮也很棒,我喜欢吃的时候加一点麻酱,味道很正了!zero卸妆膏是第二次回购,第一次买的蓝色瓶子的,卸得挺干净的,很好乳化,懒的时候也一起用来卸眼妆和唇妆了...用的kiss me的那个眼线笔,很容易卸!