When I saw Yami's self-operated cold noodles, I immediately placed an order to try it. Compared with the previous three bags, it is slightly thicker, and it takes longer to fry. In fact, there is not much difference between the two, because the grilled cold noodles have no taste, mainly the taste. This one pack of five so the sauce is more than enough, although I usually use my own sauce 😂😂 This time, I added sausage, except that the taste is a little hard and not very good, but I still use some softer sausage ham if possible. Amway uses fermented bean curd with roasted cold noodles. I have tried soy sauce, fu chili sauce and sweet noodle sauce before. This time I added two pieces of rose fermented bean curd when I fry it, it tastes great😍😍😍
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看到有亚米自营的烤冷面,立刻下单买来尝尝。 比起之前那个三袋装的稍微厚一点,要煎久一些,其实两款要比的话没有太大差别,因为烤冷面没啥味道,主要是口感嘛。 这个一包五个所以酱料绰绰有余,虽然我一般都用自己的酱😂😂 这次加了腊肠,除了口感稍微有点硬不是很搭味道还可以,但有条件还是用一些口感比较软的香肠火腿。 安利一下用腐乳配烤冷面,之前尝试过黄豆酱,福辣酱,甜面酱,这次我炒的时候加了两块玫瑰腐乳,味道超棒😍😍😍