Today is Valentine's Day, I told the male ticket that I don't want bags or roses, I want snacks from yamibuy! 😏😏😏 For a foodie, there is nothing more tempting than delicious food! This time, I want to see Amway a snack that I hate to meet late, that is ⭐️⭐️⭐️Spicy konjac is cool! ! ! He is really delicious! Not as oily as spicy strips, the spiciness is just right, and the taste is QQ~ It's super satisfying to receive yami's snacks on Valentine's Day!
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今天是情人节,我跟男票说我不要包也不要玫瑰花,我就要yamibuy的零食!😏😏😏对于一个吃货来说,没有什么比美食的诱惑更大了! 这次想安利一个相见恨晚的零食,那就是 ⭐️⭐️⭐️香辣味的魔芋爽!!! 他真的好吃!不会像辣条那么油,辣味也刚刚好,而且口感QQ的~ 情人节收到yami的零食超级满足!