2018 New Year Yami Red Packet Unboxing.

In 2018, I wish Yami's "Mi Fan" and Yami Tai's front and back staff  a prosperous new year, good health, good luck and happiness.

The Year of the Dog is "prosperous, prosperous, prosperous". Business is booming. .


No. 2-15 New Year's 30 received 2 boxes of packages, surprised to find that Yami box has a new year's pattern. (The head is open, thinking about how to DIY) .
Open the chest to find the legendary 亚米红包
 2-20th and received 2 more boxes
 Received the last box on 2-22
 I can't wait to cook a bowl in the newly bought glass pot, my favorite snail noodles.   
 Finally I collected "5 sheets" 亚米红包 

New Year's Eve must buy a lot of food to store at home. Also hope Yami restocks quickly, we need them.

(The above is my 亚米红包 collection, purchase and sharing) + (There will be a simple Yami carton DIY tutorial later)

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2018 先祝亚米“米粉”和亚米台前幕后工作人员们  ,新春大吉,身体健康,万事如意,幸福快乐。

狗年“旺,旺,旺” 。生意新隆。。


2-15号 大年30收到2箱包裹,惊奇的发现,亚米箱子出了新年款图案。(脑袋大开,想着怎么DIY) .
打开箱子发现 传说的亚米红包
 最后我收集了“5张”亚米红包  还用亚米的纸皮箱DIY了,2018 新年挂件。



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