The snail powder is still strongly recommended in Liuquan's oversized packaging, and the taste is stronger than the ordinary packaging; BESTORE has almost no thunder points, and the squid is especially delicious; the yellow peach and white peach are a little sweet but very durable, with a touch of natural 🍑 peach fragrance; the cannabis flower is quite satisfactory ; Recommended by the various ingredients in Qiaotou, the taste is very strong, very spicy and spicy, and enjoyable; I like the hawthorn strips very much, and the sweet and sour is just right; the rest are skipped - they are all repurchased repeatedly!
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螺蛳粉还是强推柳泉超大包装,味道比普通装更有劲儿; 良品铺子几乎没有雷点,鱿鱼尤其美味;黄桃白桃有一丝甜但很耐吃,有淡淡的天然🍑桃香;大麻花中规中矩;桥头的各种配料推荐下,味道很重口儿,很麻很辣,过瘾;山楂条很喜欢,酸酸甜甜刚刚好;其余略过-都是反复反复反复回购!