Procrastination... Procrastination... 🤷‍♀️ The last time I bought a lot of things at one's still a little useless so far😅 🔴 Dr. Shirono Astringent Water is much smaller than I thought 😂 I thought it was quite a big jar of 100ml When I first put it on my face, I still feel that there will be a tingling sensation, but it still has an anti-inflammatory effect. 🔴Weilong spicy strips needless to say hahahaha, I love to eat them, but I bought ten packs this time. If you usually eat too much and get tired of it, don’t buy too much at one time. I feel that one or two packs is enough. 😂 Kiss and burn the mixed pack. I feel the same taste when I eat it. Don't eat too much at one time, but I can't control my mouth hahahaha 🔴 Su Yan Cream I used up the 3ce I bought in Korea before, try this I think this one is a little thicker than 3ce, but I think this one is better than 3ce, mainly because it really reflects the fact that even without makeup is beautiful! (Although I have blemish skin... 🤷‍♀️) The packaging is glass, it is quite heavy, and it is quite white after wiping. I may have a little more for a big face like me... I think it is not special for me to use it as a base makeup. Fake white but don't apply too much 🔴Haba's oil I use for blending base makeup and it's quite docile. If I use it alone, I don't feel greasy and it doesn't feel so heavy. It's well absorbed. The 60ml I bought Really hard to use up! ! ! A maximum of two drops for mixed base makeup is actually enough for a person with a big face like me. When used alone, two or three drops are actually enough for the whole face, so I think it’s ok to buy a smaller one, it’s really hard to use up if it’s too big 😂 🔴Mask stickers Both the blue and green pills work great! I may prefer green pills hahaha but the green pills are a bit tingly when they are first applied to the face Blue pills do not but I think the mask paper is a bit thick but I think the round packaging of the blue pills is so cute hahaha Hadabisei whitening mask came from me and I used one. I feel that it might work if I stick to it? ? ? Mediwhale has a lot of essence and it is quite moisturizing. I like it myself. 🔴Forever laundry detergent is too small! ! ! ! I can't wash it too many times. The super mini is very fragrant. It is recommended to buy a large capacity! Really too mini 🔴V7 cream is recommended by a friend, but I haven't used it a few times, the texture is quite easy to push off, it may take a few more times to know it 😂 🔴Lion King Acne Cream I have bought several times and it is quite useful for acne. I have a lot of acne 😩 Please recommend acne products or methods! ! ! 🔴1/2 cotton pad Seriously when I opened it for the first time, it really scared me 😅 Is this a cotton pad? ? ? ? Are you sure it's not a compressed cotton jacket? It's not the same as ordinary cotton pads. It doesn't fall off at all, and it's very comfortable on the face. 🔴Shiseido Makeup Cleansing Oil is fragrant and may be a little oily. Maybe I am not doing it right. I am not very good at using this kind of emulsifying oil. 🤭 🔴 The eye wash has not been used yet. After opening the package, there is still a sealed bag inside. 🔴Shiseido hair mask I haven’t used it yet, it’s a big box and it smells good 🔴 Weight loss tea I read the comments that I often go to the toilet after drinking it, but I haven’t had it so far because I am afraid of going to the toilet all the time😂😂
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拖………拖延症……🤷‍♀️ 上次一次性买了好多东西…至今都还有些没用😅 🔴城野医生收敛水 比我想象中小好多啊😂 我以为还挺大罐的 100ml 刚上脸的时候我觉得还是会有刺痛感 还是有消炎效果 味道我觉得很好闻 很清新🍊 🔴卫龙辣条 不用多说哈哈哈哈 都爱吃 但是我这次买了十包 如果平时吃东西吃太多容易腻的人 千万不要一次性买太多了 我感觉吃一两包 我就够了😂 亲嘴烧混合装 吃着吃着我都觉得味道一模一样了 一次性不要吃太多啊 可是管不住嘴哈哈哈哈哈 🔴素颜霜 我之前在韩国买的3ce 用完了 试试这个 这个我觉得相比起3ce 这个质地一点厚重 但是我觉得这个比3ce好 主要是真的体现了素颜也要美的这一点!(虽然我是瑕疵肌肤…🤷‍♀️) 包装是玻璃的 还挺重 抹一点就挺白的了 我这种大脸 可能就要多一点了……… 我觉得单纯图方便当底妆也不是特别假白 但是也不要抹太多了 🔴Haba的油 我都用来混底妆的 还挺服帖的 单独用的话 我觉得油腻 感没那么重 还挺好吸收 我买的60ml 真的很难用完!!! 混底妆最多两滴 一滴其实就完全够用了 像我脸大的人 单独用的时候两三滴其实也够全脸了 所以我觉得买小一点其实OK的 太大真的很难用完 😂 🔴面膜贴 蓝色药丸和绿色药丸都好好用!我可能更偏向于绿药丸哈哈哈哈 不过绿药丸刚上脸的时候有点刺痛感 蓝药丸不会 但是面膜纸我觉得有点厚 不过我觉得蓝药丸圆圆的包装好可爱哈哈哈 肌美精 美白面膜来的 我就用了一片 我感觉坚持下去也许会有作用??? 美迪惠尔 精华挺多的 还挺保湿 我自己还挺喜欢的 🔴Forever洗衣粉 太小了!!!! 洗不了太多次 超级mini 很香 建议买大容量的! 真的太mini了 🔴V7面霜膏 朋友推荐买的 不过我没用几次 质地还挺容易推开 可能要多用几次才知道了😂 🔴狮王祛痘膏 买了好几次了 对痘痘还挺有用的 我就很多痘痘😩 求推荐祛痘产品或者方法!!! 🔴1/2化妆棉 说真的 我第一次打开的时候 真是吓到我了😅 这是化妆棉????确定不是压缩的棉袄吗 跟普通化妆棉不一样 完全不掉絮 上脸也很舒服 🔴资生堂卸妆油 香香的 可能有一点油了 可能我手法不对 我本身也不太会用这种要乳化的 🤭 🔴洗眼液 还没用 开包装之后里面还有一个密封袋 🔴资生堂发膜 还没用 还挺大盒 闻起来香香的 🔴减肥茶 看评论说喝了经常上厕所 至今没有喝过 因为怕老是上厕所😂😂