[King Yuen Long Egg Roll] I want Yami to re-enter the Yuen Long egg roll 😂 I bought it a long time ago and then it seems to be out of stock. Everything in our village should be able to enter. I bought several other egg rolls at Yami’s and this is my favorite (of course, I also like Master Kong’s egg rolls). The egg is fragrant, mainly from the memories of the New Year when I was a child. I always keep a jar at home. The taste is super crisp and easy to fall off, so I like to hold the tin can to pick up the slag and eat it.
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【元朗蛋卷王】想要亚米重新进元朗蛋卷😂很早之前买过后来就断货了好像。我们村里亚超都有的应该还可以进。 在亚米买了别的几款蛋卷还是这款是最爱(当然康师傅蛋酥卷我也喜欢),蛋香足,主要是小时候过年的回忆,家里总会备着一罐。 口感超级酥容易掉渣,所以最喜欢最后抱着铁罐捡碎渣吃。