Happy 5th birthday to Yami🎂🎉🎉Thanks to Yami for his snack companionship (weight companionship) over the past few years. Now there are more and more good things, food, clothing, housing and transportation can be taken care of. Hey Sen☺️☺️☺️🤞 Hope to be drawn hehehe🤞 The wall crack recommends nine-system bayberry! ! ! Childhood kill ah simply! And the Yonsei black sesame soy milk that I am thinking of is also replenished! And all the people in BESTORE like it very much💕💕💕 Happy bubbling
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亚米五岁生日快乐🎂🎉🎉感谢亚米这几年的零食陪伴(体重陪伴)现在好物越来越多啦 衣食住行都能被照顾到好嗨森☺️☺️☺️🤞希望能被抽到嘿嘿嘿🤞 墙裂推荐九制杨梅!!!童年杀啊简直!还有心心念念的Yonsei黑芝麻豆奶也补货啦!还有良品铺子的所有都很喜欢💕💕💕开心的冒泡