New Orleans Grilled Chicken Seasoning

This is really worth recommending, I hope Yami will be on the shelves in the future, it's really delicious! Don't say much, just watch it slowly⬇️⬇️⬇️

New Orleans Grilled Wing Marinade, a small package!

40g Don't look at the small amount, you can make more than a dozen chicken wings, and it tastes great! Equivalent to a pound and a half of chicken wings!

1⃣️: First, wash the chicken wings, put the seasonings in, you can put some cooking wine, remember: cut a few slices of ginger!

Ps: Cooking wine for better taste and taste! ❤️

You can put some salt, sugar, personal taste!

2⃣️Then: yo yo yo, put the chicken wings after research, put them in the oven, if you like to use iron mesh, just juxtapose them one by one, If you like to use tin foil, put it directly on it, and the heat will be 350-400, just worry about the high heat when you just bake it Then turn it down,10-15minutes, chicken wings are ready!

3⃣️: Before roasting, if you are worried about undercooking, you can use chopsticks to insert it to see, through or even the gravy flowing out , proved it!

Then put it on a plate and enjoy! I like to pack up the decorations~ Meimei❤️

🙈🙈🙈🙈Does it taste good? Just like eating out!

🌸🌸Fresh and juicy, the key is to bite down and have a bit of focus. All of a sudden it was gone! 🌝🌝

Highly recommended, it's really delicious, Yami, please put it on the shelves soon~ Let the foodies eat it early! hee hee

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40g 不要看他量少,可以做十几只鸡翅,味道好赞!相当于一斤半鸡翅!




2⃣️然后:哟哟哟,研制后的鸡翅,放入烤箱,喜欢用铁网就直接一只只并列,喜欢用锡纸就直接放上面,火候350-400就好了,刚烤时候担心火候高 那么就关小点、10-15分钟,鸡翅就好了!