Drink recommendation ❤ Will repurchase as long as it is in stock.

BlueBlue is reporting again~.

After the beauty recommendation, I came to the drink recommendation.

1. The feature of this milk tea is that it has a very strong brown sugar taste, which is different from the general milk tea, and feels unusually delicious. I usually make a big cup in one packet, because the taste is very strong, if you brew too little, it will feel too sweet. Perfect as an afternoon tea drink.

2. This is the Thai milk tea ( ̄︶ ̄) ↗ that I have recommended before, which is the closest to authentic Thai milk tea. There are tea bags one by one. If you only make tea bags, the taste is definitely not enough. I personally recommend adding milk. If you think it is not sweet enough, add some sugar. However, it is best to drink only with milk, after all, eating less sugar is healthier (◕ᴗ◕✿)

3. Friends who like memory killing will definitely like to drink this. After so many years, I still like this taste so much, and I will repurchase it forever.

4. Another classic drink that kills memories. Soda is not only Coke Sprite, but also the Arctic Ocean. This one reminds me of the classic "Bingfeng" in my hometown. I don't know if anyone knows ^^

5. This sour plum soup was grown when eating hot pot in New York. When I found that Yami had it on it, I repurchased it like crazy. The taste is very strong, but if you don't like too sour friends, you may find this aftertaste a little heavy. I personally like it very much, I think it is a very authentic sour plum soup.

The above is the drink recommendation ❤. I have recommended food and makeup in the previous list, hoping to help my friends. I also hope that Yami will not be out of stock again T.T.

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饮品小推荐❤ 只要有货就会回购。

BlueBlue 又来报道啦~。


1. 这款奶茶的特色就是它有很浓郁的黑糖的味道,和一般奶茶的感觉不同,感觉异常的好喝。我一般一包能冲一大杯,因为味道很浓,如果冲太少就会觉得太甜。作为下午茶饮品再好不过了。

2. 这个我之前推荐过,最接近正宗泰式奶茶的泰式奶茶( ̄︶ ̄)↗。里面是一个个的茶包,如果只泡茶包,味道肯定是不够的,个人推荐加牛奶,如果还觉得不够甜,就再加点糖。不过最好是只加牛奶喝,毕竟少吃糖才更健康(◕ᴗ◕✿)

3. 喜欢回忆杀的小伙伴们,一定会喜欢喝这个。这么多年,还是这么喜欢这个味道,永远无限回购。

4. 又是一个回忆杀加超经典的饮品。汽水不只有可乐雪碧,还有北冰洋。这款更是让我想到自己家乡经典的“冰峰”。不知道有没有人知道^^

5. 这款酸梅汤是在纽约吃火锅的时候,被种草的。发现亚米上面有,就疯狂回购。味道很浓郁,但如果不喜欢太酸的小伙伴们,可能会觉得这个后味有点重。我个人是很喜欢的,觉得是很正宗的酸梅汤。

以上就是这次的饮品小推荐❤。之前的晒单里已经推荐了美食,美妆,希望能帮到小伙伴们。也希望亚米不要再断货了 T.T。