Let me spit out that the lazy hot pot is a vegetarian hot pot. After I made it according to the instructions, I found that the rice had been steamed dry, but the potato chips and lotus root chips were still raw and undercooked. The fish and tofu inside were bought from outside. The smaller version (very small) of the instant fish tofu in the open bag, but the taste is the same as the small food outside. The only thing that is okay is that the fans inside can't eat the rest. Sichuan Maocai is still edible. The potato chips in it are a bit sour (I don't put vinegar in if I don't like sour food, so it's not sour in vinegar). Others are fine and spicy enough. I like spicy food very much. The rice is really disappointing. I read the reviews that said it was delicious and had no plastic taste, but whether I followed the instructions to reheat the rice or put it on a plate, it had a plastic taste and I couldn't eat the rice itself. It's annoying with the smell of plastic. Other senbei snow cakes, dorayaki and the like are delicious. Recommended
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我来吐槽一下 懒人火锅是一个素食火锅 我按照说明做完之后发现米饭已经蒸干了但是里面的土豆片和藕片都还是生的还没熟味道一般般里面的鱼豆腐纯属是外面买的开袋即食鱼豆腐的缩小版(特别小)但是味道跟外面的小食品一样唯一还算行的就是里面的粉丝了其他的都吃不了。 四川冒菜还算可以的吃的时候里面的土豆片有点发酸(本人不喜欢酸的就没有放醋,所以不是醋的酸)其他的都还好辣是够的我很喜欢吃辣的。 米饭这个真的是失望了看里面的评论说很好吃没有塑料味但我不管是按照说明的去热米饭还是把它放到盘子里热都是有一股塑料味吃都吃不了这个米饭本身就带着塑料味很烦 其他的仙贝雪饼铜锣烧之类的都很好吃 推荐