5th Anniversary Store Celebration! 85% off! What are you waiting for! Of course hoarding! noodle! membrane! Pure Smile's Geisha Green Tea Mask is really one of my favorite hydrating masks 👻 The mask paper is the texture of picture 2, and it can be seen from the picture on the face that there is a lot of essence. I bought it for emergency use. Like today, because of the weather changes, the skin around the nose is dry and peeled. This mask feels very gentle on application (the peeling area will not hurt), and after applying the mask for half an hour, gently squeeze it, and a lot of essence flows down. The peeling area is relieved immediately, and the peeling is no longer visible. Skin feels soft and smooth after drinking enough water. 15% off plus 35 for free shipping, really don't want to try a few pieces 😆
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5周年店庆!85折!还等什么!当然是囤!面!膜! Pure Smile的艺妓绿茶面膜真是我最喜欢的几款补水面膜之一了👻 面膜纸是图二的质地,上脸图看得出来精华液很多。我都是买来平时急救用的。像今天这样,因为天气变化,鼻翼周围干得都脱皮了。这个面膜敷上去感觉很温和(脱皮的地方都不会痛),敷了半小时揭下来的面膜,轻轻一捏,还有很多精华液流下来。 脱皮的地方立刻就得到缓解,已经看不到脱皮了。皮肤感觉得到喝足了水,摸起来嫩嫩滑滑。 85折加满35就包邮,真的不来几片试试么😆