[Fried Chicken Omnivorous Shop] As a kelp lover, I have two of the best kelp in Anliami. I just like this whole piece, you can cut it for soup or salad, it's delicious! The one on the left is harder and thicker, suitable for stewing soup. The right side is softer and feels more tender, it is easy to boil and suitable for cooked salad Kelp itself is rich in iodine and other minerals. Eating more kelp is good for your health!
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【炸鸡杂食铺】作为超爱吃海带的我,安利亚米最好吃的两款海带。 就喜欢这种整片的,可以自己去剪炖汤或者凉拌都好吃! 左边的比较硬比较厚,适合炖汤。 右边比较软感觉比较嫩,很容易煮烂适合煮熟了凉拌 海带本身含有丰富碘和别的矿物质,多吃海带对身体好噢!