[Tasting products and repurchasing products series one] First of all, let's talk about this trial product: Korean instant noodles various flavors two packs classmate xiaoming Charcoal roasted coffee candy Repurchase Products: Shanghaojia, although the amount per packet is small, it is really delicious Burning with a kiss is one of the essential snacks for leisure and entertainment such as watching dramas and playing games to pass the time. Mimi, for the same reason Dried tofu, for the same reason Marble Soda, for the same reason Other drinks, for the same reasons
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【试吃产品以及回购产品系列一】 首先是说说这个试吃产品: 韩国方便面各种口味两包 小茗同学 炭烧咖啡糖 回购产品: 上好佳,虽然每包量少但真的好好吃 亲嘴烧,属于打发时间看剧玩游戏等各种休闲娱乐必备零食之一 咪咪,理由同上 豆干,理由同上 弹珠汽水,理由同上 其他饮品,理由同上