I like to post a bunch of labels rudely because I don’t want to leave any of them 😂 This time, I mainly want to buy a plate of char siu sauce to make a plate of char siu pork 😋 The bread noodles and the intestines of the claypot rice are unlimited repurchases. What makes me happy is the soybean Fans have time to be a donkey and roll around to relieve homesickness 😛
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晒单喜欢粗暴的来一堆标签 因为哪个都不想落下😂 这次主要是为了买叉烧酱 做一盘叉烧肉😋 铺盖面和煲仔饭的肠都是无限回购了 最让我开心的是黄豆粉 有时间做个驴打滚解解乡愁😛