💰Repurchase Items💰 Tang Daren Seafood Flavor $1.99 Comments: The noodles are not bad, but the soup base is not bad. I especially love the sweet and sour soup base. Super delicious! is super! Lao Yang Salted Egg Yolk Cake $4.99 Comments: The price is a bit expensive, but the individual packaging is very good, put it in the bag for work and class. The key is delicious too! So I will still buy it. Very fragrant salted egg yolk, there is no way to resist. Abalone Noodle $3.99 Comments: There really is abalone in it! Pearls are not so real. I'm Cantonese so this slightly herbal soup can't be beat. It's very delicious, not a single sip. The noodles are also delicious! It won't be mushy after cooking for a long time, so this noodles will come in every time you buy snacks. Fruit Orange $0.69 Comments: It tastes better in the refrigerator, my mother's favorite. Every time it's for her. Vitasoy Original $0.49 Comments: This is a piece of magic. I buy it every time, and of course I love soy milk too. Hair Mask $12.49 Comments: Once you use it, you can't live without it. After coming to the United States, the hair is very dry and it is easy to tangle. Just finished using this hair mask. Hair is much smoother. A box can be used for about four or five months, and I use it as a conditioner. That's it for today. See you next time👋 plant each other -Spring ❤️
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💰回购商品💰 汤达人海鲜味 $1.99 评价: 面条还不错,汤底不过不失吧。我特别爱酸酸甜甜的那款的汤底。超级好喝!是超级! 老杨咸蛋黄饼 $4.99 评价: 价钱有点贵,可是单独包装非常好,上班上课放包里。关键也很好吃!所以还是会买。很香的咸蛋黄,根本没办法抗拒啊。 鲍鱼面 $3.99 评价:里面真的有鲍鱼!珍珠都没那么真。我是广东人所以这个有点药材味的汤无比反驳。特别好喝,一口不剩。面也很好吃!煮久了不会糊,所以这个面每次买零食见到有都会进。 果粒橙 $0.69 评价: 放冰箱口感更佳,母亲大人的最爱。每次都是为她进的货。 维他奶原味 $0.49 评价: 这就是凑到神物。我每次都会买,当然我也爱喝豆奶。 发膜 $12.49 评价: 用过一次就从此离不开。来美后头发特别干燥也容易打结。用完这个发膜简直了。头发顺滑了很多。一盒大概能用四五个月,而且我都是当护发素一样用了。 今天就说到这里吧。 我们下次再见👋 互相种草草 - Spring ❤️