The first time I came to Yami, I actually encountered the Arctic Ocean. I didn't say anything. I bought it decisively. Only one bottle appeared here, because the others have already been in the refrigerator! ! ! When I bought it, other flavors were out of stock, so I decided to place an order! ! Yami has to restock quickly, it will be out of stock in minutes! In addition, I have been wanting to drink ginseng chicken soup for a while, so I bought two kinds of ingredients and plan to make them on weekends. The BBQ sauce was also tried before, very good, not very thick, but refreshing. I bought a lot of drinks and the discounts are very good, mainly because I am in the village, and it is not easy to go to the Chinese supermarket! I only bought a few pieces of the mask this time, thinking about trying it out first. All in all it's good~
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