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Hello everyone, I'm Xia Yun, thank you for choosing me to do thisPapa FoodMeat Kebab Review😘😘 

My coordinates are in Mid-Tennessee, and currentlyPapa Foodkebabs It can only be sent to California, so the main purpose of this evaluation is to test the freshness of the meat skewers.  

My review included lamb, beef and chicken skewers. The meat skewers are all marinated, but you need to add seasonings when you make them yourself.

Here I made the kebabs three different ways, so you'll see charcoal grilling, oven grilling, and pobo chicken. The corresponding recipes will also appear below.

First attach a family photo of meat skewers in various ways~ Next We are going to start the evaluation👉  span>

Let's take a look at the unboxing first 👇

The box is well packaged and airlifted from California.

Open the outer packaging and wrap the kebabs and ice pack tightly with a sponge.  

There are ice packs on the bottom and sides of the kebabs. The ice packs were still hard in many places when I received them, so the kebabs freeze well.  

This ice pack is actually reusable, so it can also be used on outings after being frozen in the refrigerator~

In general, although it is sent from California to the United States and China, it will arrive within two days, and the ice packs have not melted at all, and the meat skewers are still very fresh. In terms of transportation efficiency Give a big like👍

Let's start the marinating of the skewers👇 

1, oven pickled

Because the oven cannot be sprinkled with seasoning all the time, it is best to marinate it with seasoning in advance, and then bake it directly in the oven.

I recommend these two barbecue sauces for roast beeftag in the picture below. .

The difference between the two is that South KoreaCJCJ has a stronger taste Some, Japanese horns are relatively bland.

So which one you choose is entirely based on personal preference. For example, Korean Cicada and cowboy bones are a perfect match. For beef, you can choose whichever you choose~

KoreaCJCJ also has roast pork and chicken sauce, all of which taste good Oh, you can choose according to different ingredients~

Here I marinated half of the beef skewers with Japanese horn barbecue sauce. According to personal preference, the skewers were thawed and marinated30minutes to 1hours and a half.

2,Grill marinade of grilled version

If it is grilled with charcoal or gasGrill, we can Feel free to add seasonings. So for this kind of meat skewers, you only need to use pepper water to remove the fishy smell, and the pepper water can keep the meat fresh and tender at the same time.

Here I marinate the mutton and the remaining half of the beef with pepper water after thawing.

Sichuan pepper water is to boil a pot of boiling water, add a dozen to 20 peppercorns, cook for a few minutes until it turns pale yellow, and the peppers are delicious. Then let the pepper water cool to room temperature, and then pour it into the meat skewers that need to be marinated.

The approximate marinating time is 30minutes-2hours.

3, Bobo chicken version, pickled on skewers

If it is Bobo chicken or skewers, because the soup base will have a taste, so this step only needs to add cooking wine to remove the fishy smell.

Now we can start baking!

1, oven version

Preheat the oven to 395Fahrenheit first, until the oven is preheated , directly put the plate on which the skewers are placed, bake for about 15minutes, and when the meat changes color on the surface, you can turn it over. Bake for about 10mins.

The specific time depends on the amount of meat and the size of the oven. In short, when the first side has all changed color, it can be turned over and then baked.

The effect of grilled kebab is shown in the picture👇

Because of the light, the color is a little warmer, but the actual effect is not so red, and the meat is completely cooked.

The BBQ sauce for this Japanese beef horn has a sweet taste and can taste the aroma of the beef itself. And this meat skewer has the right proportion of fat and thin, so it tastes very good.

This oven version of kebabs is super easy to make and perfect for a simple and delicious meal when entertaining friends.

2,Grill BBQ version

If you have friends at homeGrill, you can taste authentic roast lamb String it!

We have marinated the meat skewers with pepper water before, and then prepare the salt, cumin powder, and chili powder, and we are ready to grill!

When kebabs, according to the heat, when the first side changes color, you can turn it over, and after both sides have changed color, you can start sprinkling the seasoning!

Add salt, cumin powder, and chili powder in appropriate amounts. There is a barbecue secret to share with you: no matter how much cumin powder is added, the most important flavors of barbecue are also It comes from cumin powder~ chili powder can be added according to taste. You can also sprinkle some pepper powder when roasting the beef~

The picture below is my grilled beef kebab👇

Isn't it very tempting to look at! This meat skewer is a good combination of fat and thin, it will feel very fragrant, and at the same time will not be greasy~ It should be noted that, This wooden stick is not easy to grasp when grilling, so I always use barbecue clips to turn it over~

Let's take a look at the lamb skewers👇

This lamb skewer will be slightly fatter than beef, so it tastes really good when grilled! But you won't get bored! To be honest, I was really surprised by the taste of the mutton skewers.

Because the lamb has been in and out of the freezer and refrigerator several times before, the meat is a little loose and the appearance is not so good, but it does not affect the taste at all! Don't follow me, everyone, you can eat as much meat as you like at a time.

3, Bo Bo Chicken Edition

I used all the chicken skewers to make Bo Bo chicken. To be honest, I found out that this choice was a bit silly. Let me show you the finished product first👇

Shi Yard's Bo Bo Chicken Seasoning is really recommended! The bobo chicken made is really exactly the same as the one in Chengdu! My friends are all rushing to eat.

In a few days, I will post a separate article on Bo Bo chicken to share, and recommend some ingredients suitable for putting in Bo Bo chicken~

I cook the chicken skewers here in boiling water first, then add ice cubes to cool down, and then put them into the Bo Bo chicken to soak, because the Bo Bo chicken is cold~


But I found that the taste of this meat skewer is actually not suitable for shabu-shabu, at least not suitable for cold shabu-shabu. Because the chicken skewers seem to be marinated with cornstarch or the like, the meat is very tender and suitable for barbecue, but after boiling in water, it does not show this advantage at all, but it will feel a little noodle.

I also initially wanted to try a different way of making these kebabs, and it turns out that either the oven or thegrill< span class="s1">Barbecue is delicious, but making Bo Bo chicken is definitely not the right choice, and some of the ingredients are too buried.

The following is the overall review time👉

These kebabs are well packaged, even in the U.S. and China, the ice packs are still working when the kebabs are received, and the kebabs are also kept in a frozen state, not received to influence.

Taste-wise, these kebabs are great for grilling, whether it's a simple oven roast, or a more down-to-earth grill< /span>Barbecue. The texture of the meat is very tender, and the fat and thin are just right.

The meat skewer itself should be marinated with cornstarch, etc., but without any seasoning. If it is oven barbecue, it is recommended to add Korean or Japanese barbecue sauce to marinate in advance If it is grilled withgrill, you can marinate it with pepper water first, and then add salt and cumin to the barbecue. powder and paprika.

In general, these meat skewers greatly improve the efficiency of the barbecue, eliminating the need for us to select meat, cut meat, pre-cured meat and skewer meat, allowing us to save a lot of money Enjoy a delicious BBQ meal!

Next, we hope that these kebabs can lift the regional restrictions in California, so that all the friends in the United States can eat it!

Before this, you can also click on the tag, buy the meat yourself, invite friends, and have a happy barbecue together😄

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Papa Food肉串测评|烧烤食谱

大家好,我是夏耘,感谢小二君选中我做这个Papa Food肉串测评😘😘 

我的坐标在美中田纳西州,目前的Papa Food肉串只能寄到加州,所以这次测评主要的目的,是测试一下肉串的新鲜程度。 



先附一张各种做法的肉串的全家福~ 接下来我们要开始测评啦👉 

我们先来看一下开箱 👇

































盐、孜然粉、辣椒粉适量加入,有一个烧烤的秘诀分享给大家:孜然粉是怎么加都不嫌多哦,烧烤最主要的口味也都是从孜然粉来的~ 辣椒粉就根据口味添加即可。烤牛肉的时候也可以洒一些花椒粉~


看着是不是很诱人呐!这个肉串肥瘦搭配的很好,既会觉得很香,同时还不会腻~ 要注意的是,烧烤的时候这个木签子不太好抓,所以我都是用烧烤夹子翻面的~