Because I came back from China in a hurry, I forgot to bring a lot of things. Fortunately, Yami directly placed an order and quickly delivered this black pepper noodle. Since I ate it for the first time, it was amazing. The price is cheap and the taste is better than those who blow it. The Indonesian lo mein is 10,000 times better. The taste is very fragrant and you can't stop eating it... The facial cleanser is recommended by my roommate. It is said that it is very gentle to wash. Just this time, I forgot to bring the facial cleanser, so I used it... Although the udon noodles have a normal taste, they are not suitable for It is undoubtedly a good choice for friends who don’t want to eat fried instant noodles. This type of udon is usually served with a light soup. Friends can also take out the udon noodles alone and cook them for a hungry night. Udon noodles that are not so sinful are undoubtedly a good choice~ Babao porridge and Chongqing noodles are bought together, but for me, Babao porridge is basically a can of food, and it is too full to eat, and it is convenient to carry. Sometimes it is too late at noon. It’s also good to bring a can to school when you cook. Not to mention mayonnaise, the all-purpose sauce. Personally, I will put some in salads or sushi. Some time ago, I found that popcorn dipped in mayonnaise is very delicious (yes, again sinful pairing) so a bottle of mayonnaise always runs out quickly 😂
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因为国内回来的太匆忙 好多东西都忘带了 好在还有亚米 直接一个下单就快速送到 这个黑胡椒拌面自从第一次吃到就非常惊艳 价格便宜 而且味道比那些吹的很神的印尼捞面要好一万倍 味道非常香 一吃就停不下来…洗面奶是室友推荐的 据说洗起来很温和 刚好这回洗面奶忘带了 所以就用一下…乌冬面虽然味道一般 但对于不想吃油炸方便面的小伙伴来说无疑是一个很好的选择 这一款的乌冬普遍配的汤料都比较清淡 小伙伴们也可以单独拿乌冬面出来自己烹调 饥饿的夜晚来上一包不那么罪恶的乌冬面无疑是很好的选择~八宝粥和重庆小面都是凑单购买 不过八宝粥这种东西对我来说基本吃一罐就已经饱到不行 而且方便携带 有时候中午来不及做饭带一罐去学校也是好的~蛋黄酱就不用说了 万能用酱 我个人来说会在做沙拉或者寿司的时候放一些 前段时间还发现爆米花沾蛋黄酱非常好吃(没错 又是罪恶的搭配)因此一瓶蛋黄酱总是很快就能用完😂