Yamibuy's app is poisonous...you have to buy it every time you open it Top left: HAITAI onion rings, not lukewarm, strong onion flavor, big ring, crisp but a little hard, super large package, buy one get one free, anyway, after eating one package, I haven’t got the power to open the first one two packs; Upper and middle: Langwei Xianyan seaweed flavor, better than the original flavor and tomato flavor; Top right: Nissin Lake Pond House Potato Chips, delicious but too small, so I don’t have much impression after eating them quickly; Middle: The little boss has thick slices of seaweed, a must-have snack for work! ! Crispy with a bit of firmness, can be a little full, but the amount is not large, it is common to open a packet and eat a packet; Bottom left 1: Imuraya sweet cake green tea flavor, I'm sorry I really didn't taste green tea, it's dead sweet and dead sweet and a little dry, I feel that this thing can only be eaten with evaporated milk or green tea; Bottom left 2: Fook Kee Instant Braised Egg, it doesn't have the heavy plastic and preservative smell of some domestic braised eggs, and the taste is just not too busy. It has always been five-star perfect, and the remaining one is not willing to eat for a long time. result! Somehow it cracked a little and went bad! I saw that the outer packaging bag is normal, and I don't usually put it together with sharp objects. I seriously suspect that it was damaged when it left the factory and put it into the bag. Bottom left 3: Mimi crab flavored granules, I like the individual packaging inside. It is just right to eat one packet at a time. The whole bag is quite a lot and can be eaten for a while. The taste is ordinary Mimi, but it has changed from small strips to noodles. The size of the pimple, you can consider it if you like Mimi; Bottom middle: Luobawang Tomato Flavored Luoshi Noodles, replenished every time, not spicy Luoshi Noodles stars must stock up! ! ! Bottom right: Qifengdu Fish Noodles, except for the nice name, forget about everything else! The taste is like the feeling of a pack of instant noodle seasoning powder, and it's hard to drink! The first time I cooked it according to the instructions, and it became a lump of flour; the second time I thought about who should cook faster, I even took it out and washed it with cold water, but it was still a soft lump of flour! The few scattered pieces are also ooze-like, huge pits, don't drop them! !
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亚米网的app有毒…每次一打开就要买买买 上左:HAITAI洋葱圈,不温不火,洋葱味很浓,圈很大,脆但是有点硬,超级大包,买一送一的时候入货,反正吃了一包后还没动力开第二包; 上中:浪味仙盐烧海苔味,比原味、蕃茄味好吃; 上右:日清 湖池屋薯片,很好吃但是太小包了,所以很快吃完都没什么印象了; 中间:小老板海苔厚片,上班必备零食!!酥脆中带着点硬实,能顶一点饱,就是量不大多,开一包吃一包是常事; 下左1: 井村屋甜蛋糕绿茶味,很抱歉我真的没吃出绿茶味,就是死甜死甜还有点干,感觉这玩意只能配淡牛奶、或者绿茶吃; 下左2: 福记即食卤蛋,没有国内某些卤蛋那种很重的塑胶味和防腐剂味道,味道也刚好不会很闲,一直五星满分,剩下一颗很久都没舍得吃,结果!不知道怎么它突然裂了一小口子然后变坏了!我看了外包装袋是正常的,平常也没和尖锐物放一起,严重怀疑是出厂入袋时候就破损了,对这么粗心的处理很不开心,扣分; 下左3: 咪咪蟹味粒,喜欢里面的独立包装,每一次吃一包刚刚好,整大袋下来还挺多包的能吃一阵子,味道就是普通的咪咪不过从小条状变成面疙瘩大小,喜欢咪咪的可以考虑; 下中:螺霸王蕃茄味螺狮粉,每次都补货的,不辣螺狮粉星人必须要囤的呀!!! 下右:栖凤渡鱼粉,除了名字好听,其他都算了吧!味道就是一包方便面调料粉的感觉,还难喝!第一次煮按照指示,煮成了一坨粉;第二次想着谁煮快点,还捞起来过冷水,还是一坨软趴趴的粉团!散出来的几条也是软泥状的,巨坑,千万别掉!!