Combination skin. Get started. 1 pink gold. The strongest waterproof and tanning. This version has a better texture and is not greasy at all. And hypoallergenic, even children can use it. It is a must for taking children outside for swimming. 2 Biore. Daily sunscreen, although it is a paste when squeezed out, it is not sticky at all, and it is easy to push away, and it feels very good to use. 3 Biore Kids Sunscreen. Daily smear, but helpless children wild, properly only prevent sunburn and tanning. The focus is still on good application, which is too important for children, and it is also convenient to reapply. It won't be uneven on the face.
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混合皮肤。 上手。 1 粉金。最强防水晒不黑。这个版本的质地更好推,一点都不油腻。而且低敏,小朋友也能用。带小朋友去outside游泳必备。 2 碧柔。日常防晒,虽然挤出来是膏状,可是一点都不会黏腻,又很容易推开,使用感很好。 3 碧柔儿童防晒。日常涂抹,但无奈孩子野,妥妥只防不晒伤不防晒黑。重点还是在好涂抹,这对孩子来说太重要了,补涂也方便。不会脸上这白一块那白一块不均匀。