Summer can only be happy when there is sour plum soup 💕 Hypocritical little bitches, if you drink some sour plum soup, you should be hypocritical. I have nothing to do on weekends and paint a little watercolor. Get a good-looking tea set to brew some green tea, drink the hot tea, and feel that you are the Chinese stomach. After the refreshment, the snacks are served with sour plum soup, and small watercolors are painted. 👇 Very healing!
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有酸梅汤的夏天才能开心💕 矫情的小碧池们,喝点酸梅汤就要矫情来矫情去。 周末闲来无事,画个小水彩。 搞一套好看的茶具来泡点绿茶,热茶水喝下去,感觉自己才是中国胃。 提神之后的小点心配着酸梅汤,画画小水彩。👇 很治愈!