The package arrived yesterday 💁 I tried Yumei's Bo Bo Chicken today, it's not very spicy but numb. But overall it's well received. Feeling and beautiful are delicious! Especially the small hot pot! As always, repurchase snail powder, Maocai and Pechoin masks! ps: The makeup sponge used to remove eye makeup and lipstick is very creamy!
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包裹昨天到了💁 今天尝了与美的钵钵鸡,不是很辣 但是很麻. 不过总体好评。感觉与美的都很好吃! 特别是小火锅! 一如既往的回购螺蛳粉,冒菜和百雀羚的面膜! ps:那个化妆绵用来卸眼妆和口红都非常奶斯!