Welfare Society Phase 3⃣️ - Chocolate Sandwich Berry Candy

What I look forward to most in the welfare package is this chocolate candy ~~ not only because I like to eat sweet, but also because of Amway's recommendation of fried chicken children, manual comparison

span>❤️❤️! Sure enough~ not disappointed! Delicious and delicious!

For me this candy🍬the only slot is estimated to be the packaging It's really not very good-looking~~ Compared with the packaging of other Japanese snacks, if I look at the packaging, I will not buy it! I'm so superficial😅

This young lady wants to eat it too~ I didn't give it to her because it was hard candy! She pestered me relentlessly, but in the end I didn't get it! ! Because of her mother, in order to break her thoughts, I ate all the candy in less than half an hour!

Fifteen ~ I ate them all! I didn't realize the flow of heart that everyone said at first~ As soon as I entered it, I was bitten by a crunch😅😅 Then the chocolate slowly melted, mixed with the sweet and sour candy aroma between the teeth. Later, I also wanted to try the flow of heart that everyone said. I was patient and didn't bite the hard candy outside. It wasted a lot of my saliva.......Sweet and sour~ It's really fragrant~ It's not greasy after eating a pack~

This sugar must be here5⃣️star🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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