【kuyura body wash】 💕 This summer shower gel is what I use the most every day! It is a brand of Shiseido. I bought the blue first with the mentality of trying it out. It was very good, so I continued to buy the pink drop while the last discount! 💕I think the cost performance is very high. Such a large jar of 550ml. The price is only about 10+. The foam is delicate and rich. The texture is fluid. summer! Very refreshing! It might be a bit dry in winter. 💕 The blue smell is a bit like soap. It is more fresh. The pink smell is very good. It has a floral and fruity fragrance. I like both fragrances! Should be repurchasing! until tired. Ha ha ha ha!
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【kuyura沐浴乳】 💕这个夏天我日常用的最多的就是这款沐浴露啦!它是资生堂旗下的牌子.当初抱着试试看的心态先买的蓝色.用着挺不错就趁着上次折扣继续买了粉色滴! 💕我觉得性价比很高.这么一大罐子550ml.才10+左右的价格.泡沫细腻丰富.质地是流动性的.洗澡超干净不会假滑.我觉得这款沐浴露真的真的很适合夏天!非常清爽!冬天的话估计会有点干. 💕蓝色的味道我觉得有点像肥皂.就是比较fresh的感觉.粉色的味道很好闻.带有花果香.两种香型我都喜欢!应该会一直回购哒!直到用腻为止。哈哈哈哈!