"The Yami explosion in my heart"

Player 1

It is often sold out, even if the madness the heat is over, people will still buy it Buy. If you don't accept it, you don't even look at it, but after you accept it, you can't stop loving him.

The fragrance of spices, the spiciness of chili oil, the sourness of rice vinegar……Eat while side appetizers. It tastes great~😋

The group purchases of snail powder a few days ago can be seen in the group and the screenshots of everyone's order are posted!

The second contestant isTOMOMASU's white peach soda~

She will be there every time you place an order. I often see her showing the arrival notification before placing an order.

The light white peach fragrance and the bubbles (gas) of carbonated drinks are very exciting with spicy snacks.

Love this colorless, clear drink in combination with other beverages for a variety of flavors.

Contestant No. 3 is an ice fan!

This ice powder is very easy to use, as long as the powder is mixed with water, you can make delicious ice powder and jelly.

No fishy gelatin smell/gum.

Different flavors of powder have different fruit aromas. And the final product will not have a strong taste.

😆It's also great to eat cold in summer~

    I like to make a good piece of soft Cut the soft ice powder into quarters and five columns and add honey and ice water.

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常常被卖光,就算狂 热度过去了大家还是会买买买。不接受的看都不看可是接受了以后就无法停止对他的爱。