[Mask punch card DAY 16] Milky Dress Whitening Cream I will recommend a net red makeup cream again! Official website introduction: 3 major whitening ingredients; contains 36 natural plant ingredients such as lotus, winter cypress, centennial grass extract Instantly improves yellow, dark, fine lines and dry skin. No makeup remover is required after application, and it is white with just one swipe. It is suitable for use when going to the gym and exercising. I just tried it on the back of my hand, please forgive me if I wiped it off without any care 😂 The back of my hand is still a little dry! The texture is refreshing and not greasy, easy to spread, not particularly white, but it still brightens the complexion! I personally think it's pretty good 👍
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【面膜打卡DAY 16】之Milky Dress 美白素颜霜 我又来推荐一款网红素颜霜! 官网介绍:3大美白成份;含有天然植物性成份荷花,冬柏花,百年草提取物等36种自然植物性成份 瞬间改善黄黯细纹干燥的肌肤,涂抹后不需要卸妆,一抹即白,适合前往健身房运动等时使用。 我就在我的手背上试用了一下,请原谅我的手背没有做任何护理的情况下就抹了😂手背还是有点干! 质地清爽不油腻,容易抹开,没有说特别的白,还是有提亮肤色! 个人觉得还是不错的👍