【Milk cover ➕ Braised Pork and Spicy Snail Noodles ➕ Rou Jiamo 📣 Artifact to escape the heat at home😍】

Chef Man's new ❤ works:

【Orange🍊Cheese Milk Cap with Braised Pork and Spicy Snail Noodles🍝】

Does it look appetizing! ! You don't have to go out yet! ! Air conditioning at home! ! Through the milk cover made by yourself! ! Isn't it cool! ! Another bowl of spicy snail noodles! ! Don't be too dashing

👇Orange🍊 cheese milk cap

👇I used my magical little hand to make a careful gesture with my bare hands❤
👇Title【Braised Pork Spicy Snail Noodles】

The snail powder on the top is this package➕Man-style secret braised pork, it's old and fragrant! !

👇 A lot of material! ! [Powder Pack, Peanut Pack, Soup Pack, Chili Oil Pack, Vinegar Pack, Fungus Sour Bean Pack, Sour Bamboo Pack➕Vegetarian Protein Pack➕ Yuba Packet] A full 9⃣ packets! ! Blame me for being in a hurry to eat it, forgot to take a photo... I unpacked it and went to the trash to pick it up... PS: The spicy oil is super cool! ! You can't eat spicy stars, so be careful 😂 It's really spicy! The vegetarian protein should be boiled in the soup before adding the powder, so that it is delicious! ! Suck enough of the soup, it is called a strong taste in the mouth! ! 😍😍 It's not too delicious! ! Put some green vegetables to cook together, it is also very healthy! Peanuts must be added last! ! That way it will be crispy! !

Finally, let's put a Roujiamo, show it to you, if you want to learn, if you don't mind, you can order 👍! ! When I have time, I will publish a course of braised pork and Roujiamo! !


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【橙子🍊芝士奶盖 红烧肉麻辣螺蛳粉🍝】

有没有看起来很有食欲!!还不用出门!!在家吹着空调!!隔着自己做的奶盖!!有没有很爽!! 再来一碗麻辣的螺蛳粉!!不要太潇洒的哟




👇 料超级多!!【粉包 花生包 汤料包 辣油包 醋包 木耳酸豆角包 酸笋包➕素蛋白包➕腐竹包】足足9⃣包料!!怪我太着急吃了,忘了拍照……包装拆了又去翻垃圾桶捡回来了……PS: 辣油超级爽!!不能吃辣星人,下手慎重😂真的很辣!素蛋白要在放粉之前就放在汤料里面煮,那样才够味!!吸足了汤汁,那叫一个入口味道浓郁啊!!😍😍简直不要太鲜美呢!!放点青菜一起煮,还很健康哦!花生米一定要最后加!!那样口感才会酥脆!!

最后 放个肉夹馍好了,给你们看看,想学的,不介意的话你点个👍!!抽空我会出一期红烧肉 肉夹馍教程!!