❤️Natural Philosophy Cleanser ❤️ Natural Philosopher's stuff I only repurchase one step cleanser love it very much ❤️ Philosophy's leading actress 🌟Amino acid facial cleanser without soap base 🌟Washing by hand has no bubbles, but if you use a face wash, there are very delicate bubbles 🌟 It is said that it is a two-in-one makeup remover and cleansing in one step, but I still use makeup remover products 🌟 Very moisturizing and not tight after washing 🌟 It will not be fake and slippery. It is a perfect match with the luna face wash. Figure 3 I used eyeliner to draw a few times on the back of my hand, and it was very clean with facial cleanser It's so easy to use and the price is super beautiful. Every time I reduce the price, I enter the largest bottle. They often have discounts, half price or buy one get one free. As long as there is an event, I will stock up on this facial cleanser ❤️ It is a must-have in my skin care products!
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❤️自然哲理Philosophy洁面乳❤️ 自然哲理家的东西我只回购一步到位洁面乳非常喜欢❤️ Philosophy的当家花旦 🌟氨基酸洗面奶不含皂基 🌟用手洗没有什么泡 但如果用洗脸刷就有很细腻的泡泡 🌟说是二合一 卸妆清洁一步到位 但我还是会用卸妆产品 🌟洗完很滋润不紧绷 🌟也不会假滑 和luna洗脸刷是绝配 图三我用眼线笔在手背上画几下 在用洗面奶清洁的很干净 这么好用价格也超美丽 每一次减价我都是入最大瓶 他们家常有打折 半价或是买一送一的活动 只要有活动我都囤这款洗面奶❤️是我护肤品中的必备!