【Unlimited Repurchase】Elta MD Amino Acid Facial Cleanser

As the saying goes: if cleaning is not in place, even the best skin care products are in vain! I used to feel like any facial cleanser, but I was wrong..... A good facial cleanser requires: deep cleansing of pores It's better, there is no tightness after washing your face, and it can't damage the stratum corneum of the skin! It's been a long time since I heardElta MD the name of the amino acid facial cleanser, and it really lived up to my expectations after using it!

Elta MDOriginated from the United States, so the price is not very expensive,7 Once only needs about $20knife to use one pump at a time I don't think I need to buy facial cleanser for nearly half a year.😊😊😊

Main ingredient: Bromelain(Anti-inflammatory, reduce inflammation, help hair foam), sodium cocoyl glycinate(< span class="s1">Improve the amount and retention time of foam), Coconut Apple Amino Acids(Moisturizing)etc......

This is the foam from a pump of facial cleanser in a foaming cup, barely enough to wash my face once    

                      ;     🆚

This picture also uses the amount of one pump

Personally, I feel that I can rub it directly on my hands without using a foaming cup, and then rub it on my face for about 30 Seconds (hands and face must be wet), then a lot of bubbles will come out, and the whole face will be surrounded by bubbles! And the amount of bubbles is also more than the bubble cup......

I have oily-combination skin (Tare particularly oily), apply a little after washing your face There is no tightness, no dryness and false slippage, and the cleaning power is sufficient! You deserve such a mild, cheap and large bowl of facial cleanser! ! ! One of the unlimited repurchase products👍👍👍

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【无限回购】Elta MD氨基酸洗面奶

正所谓:清洁不到位,用再好的护肤品也白费!以前觉得什么洗面奶一样,然而我错了..... 好的洗面奶要讲求:深层清洁毛孔要好,洗完脸没有紧绷感,而且还不能损害皮肤角质层!久闻Elta MD氨基酸洗面奶的大名很久了,用完之后果然不负我所望!

Elta MD源自于美国,所以价格也不是很贵,7安士只需$20刀左右,以每次用一泵的量,我觉得接近半年都不用买洗面奶了😊😊😊