Today I will recommend this "Kobayashi Pharmaceutical" underwear laundry detergent It can be said that it is a must-have for girls. Whether it is usually used to clean the inner lining of the aunt, or the underwear and underwear on weekdays, they are all excellent. These are the two I got back from the group fight in April, and this is the second bottle now. How durable! Drop a little at a time (according to the amount of laundry you need) I use it every day, but I don't need to squeeze a lot, and it produces a lot of foam. Put some water first and then drop a little, then boil the water, and the bubbles will come out. Usually, I soak the clothes with laundry detergent in the basin before taking a shower, and then I can basically wash and dry them after taking a shower. It can really soak up the dirty stuff. The trousers were dirty after wearing them for a day. After soaking (after taking a bath), rub them with the water in the basin, then rinse the foam with clean water, and immediately become clean and like new. It smells good, don't worry about that. Yami is out of stock right now, and when he hits the shelves, I'll have to stock up. 😂 It is recommended that you set the arrival notification first~ Hahaha! You won't regret it! 🤗
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今天我来推荐一下这款《小林制药》内衣洗衣液 可以说是女生必备神器。 不管是平时用来清洗来姨妈时的内内,还是平日里的内衣内裤都是一级棒的。 这是我四月份拼团的时候拼回来的两支,现在才是第二瓶。 多么地耐用啊! 每次就滴一点(按你需要洗衣物的分量) 我是天天都用的,但是不需要挤很多,出泡量很大的。 先放点水再滴一点,然后开水冲着,泡泡就出来了。 平时就是洗澡前用盆泡着滴了洗衣液的衣服,然后洗完澡之后就基本可以搓洗晾了。 真的能把脏东西给泡出来。 小裤裤穿了一天脏了,泡完之后(洗完澡后)先盆里的水搓搓,然后清水冲洗泡沫,马上变得干干净净,像新的一样。 气味很好闻,这点不用担心。 此刻亚米缺着货呢,等他一上架,我必须多囤点才行。😂 建议亲们先设置到货通知噢~ 哈哈哈! 你们不会后悔的!🤗