[Fragrant Baked Cold Noodles] Have you tried it?

The roasted cold noodles I bought at Yami a few days ago are finally available today! It's so delicious😋the noodles and sauces are super good❤️

Do you want to eat after seeing the picture? Learn to do it now! Super easy

Prepare the things under the picture first👇

The roasted cold noodles contain five slices of noodles, a packet of hot sauce, and a packet of seasoning👇

I sautéed this cheese sausage and shallots, I will use it later👆

👇Then let’s bake cold noodles

Heat the pot and add some oil, add cold noodles

Then crack the eggs on the cold noodles and spread the eggs evenly👇

Flip the cold noodles when the eggs are a little firm!

At this time, brush with hot sauce and seasoning, and add sauce according to your own taste. Don't put too much first, for fear of being too salty

👇At this time, I added the sausage and chopped green onion that I just fried! You can add any meat and vegetables you like!

If you like crispy skin, you can fry it for a longer time, but don't fry it until golden brown, otherwise it will be too hard. I originally liked softer cold noodles, so I didn't fry it for a long time. Roll up the dough, then cut into sections and put on a plate!

Fragrant grilled cold noodles done!

It's delicious! The fragrant, sweet and spicy sauce tastes just right❤️

If you haven't tried it, buy it now👍

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