✨Lion King-Enzyme Pearl Brightening Toothpaste

As for Lion King, I also slowly turned from road to fan.

Being able to make 酵素 into toothpaste sounds amazing and novel.


Using 酵素 to decompose plaque and tartar, whiten and healthy teeth.

It actually has other colors, and I prefer pink. The taste of Baihua Mint is very fresh, the texture is smooth, not grainy, and the foaming is moderate and delicate.

👏Another point is that no matter how much you squeeze the toothpaste, it will always stay in its original state, and it will pop back after you squeeze it. 😂 

(fully applicable to people with OCD)

After brushing your teeth, there will be no toothpaste smell, like the one that was not brushed clean, but super fresh and comfortable😌.

❤️ To improve breath, whitening, calculus, plaque and more , you can try it! 👍

❤️This toothpaste is a high-density 酵素 powerful whitening toothpaste, which contains fluoride to improve the acid resistance of teeth, and also Effectively prevent tooth decay.

TriedHermesToothpaste, you should also like this one! 🤗

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❤️ 要改善口气,美白,牙结石,牙菌斑等等,可以尝试一下!👍