Some repo first wave seasoning I really think Haitiande soy sauce is better than Lee Kum Kee's _(:з)∠)_ It is obvious that the taste is different. The first bottle of Haitian was also bought by Yami, because the Yachao near Xiaobao is the world of Lee Kum Kee. After I changed it back, I really felt different!!! I bought two bottles directly. The second one, this Fan Ye chili sauce is really delicious! ! ! And it's very versatile. I can't tag it, and I don't know how many people can see it. It can be bibimbap or stir-fry. It tastes great~
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一些repo 第一波调料 海天得酱油我真的觉得比李锦记的好_(:з)∠)_ 很明显吃得出来味道不一样 第一瓶海天也是亚米买的 因为小堡附近的亚超是李锦记的天下 后来换回来真的感觉到不一样!!!直接买了两瓶 第二个这个饭爷辣椒酱真滴很好吃!!!而且很百搭 打不了tag也不知道多少人能看到 可以拌饭也可以炒菜 味道一级棒~