Affordable mask conscience recommended

1. Dr. Jart+ Pill Mask 

This is one of my favorite masks, it's very compliant and powerfully hydrating. Green Pill Mask: Soothing and Calming Quick Hydration Repair after sun exposure. Blue Pill Mask: Quick Hydration Soothes Skin < span class="s2">Exfoliates. Red Pill Mask: Cleansing and Calming Brightening & Brightening Improve wrinkles. Price: Green$2.5/sheet, blue$3/sheet, red$4/sheet. Among the three models, I especially like the blue pill mask, which can be repurchased infinitely. The mask paper is ultra-thin and super-compliant, using0.01Dsuper Thin fibers, 150 times thinner than normal face masks! Rich in moisturizing ingredients such asaquaxyl, hyaluronic acid, seaweed extract, etc., it is particularly good for high-efficiency hydration, making the skin rejuvenated .

2. Haabisei Mask

This mask focuses on moisturizing, 10quick hydration in minutes, 24Hours of continuous hydration. There is a lot of essence in each mask, enough 25ml, the skin is full of moisture after application. Contains royal jelly and lemon extract, whether it can moisturise and supple the skin and lasting moisturizing. The ultra-fine molecules are easily absorbed, refreshing and not sticky. The mask paper is very compliant and the cut is also good. It is very suitable as a daily moisturizing mask, and it is very affordable.

3. too cool for school Egg Mask

This great value set at Sephora includes a hydrating mask2sheets , Firming Mask2sheets, Pore Reduction Mask2Slice. The mask paper is a little thick, but quite docile. The essence is very rich, and it is slippery on the face, and it falls down a bit, so it is best to lie down and apply it. When my face was dry, I used this moisturizer and it worked great! It's very moisturizing, and after applying it, my face feels smooth and tender. The downside is that the taste is average but acceptable, like a yogurt-egg mix. In addition, the mask is a little sticky, and those who like refreshing masks can choose other brands.

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平价面膜 良心推荐

1. Dr. Jart+ 药丸面膜 

这是我最喜欢的面膜之一,非常服帖,补水效果强劲。绿色药丸面膜:舒缓镇静 快速补水 晒后修复。蓝色药丸面膜:快速补水 舒缓肌肤 去除角质。红色药丸面膜:洁肤镇静 嫩白亮肤 改善皱纹。价格:绿色$2.5/片,蓝色$3/片,红色$4/片。三款里我尤其喜爱蓝色药丸面膜,无限回购,面膜纸超薄超服帖,采用0.01D超稀纤维,比普通面膜细150倍!富含aquaxyl、透明质酸、海藻提取物等保湿成分,高效补水特别好,让肌肤重现水嫩。

2. 肌美精面膜


3. too cool for school 鸡蛋面膜