Recently, the popular popolabo mask 👆👆 quickly checked the Internet. Popolabo is a skin care brand from Japan. It focuses on pure natural plants. Now there are three new products: cleansing, whitening mask and honey gel. Although niche, the product is made of natural materials without additives, mild and non-irritating. As a little fairy in the skin care industry, how can you not try new products. It happened to have a good discount, so I followed the trend and defeated popolabo's whitening mask. When I received it, the packaging is very simple, the pink is cute, and it is lightly applied on the face, with a faint floral fragrance, which is very comfortable. After massaging for a few minutes, I washed it off, and my skin tone was brightened. The next morning, my skin tone was still very bright, which was really amazing. The last sentence, miss pick me! !
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最近很火的popolabo面膜👆👆赶紧上网查了下popolabo是来自日本的护肤品牌,主打纯天然植物,现在新发的有洁面、美白面膜和蜂蜜啫喱三款产品。虽然小众,但是产品选材天然无添加,温和无刺激。身为护肤界小仙女,有新品怎么能不尝试哪。刚好有好的折扣,就跟风败了popolabo的美白面膜。收到一看,包装很简单,粉色系萌萌哒,轻轻地涂抹在脸上,有股淡淡的花香,很舒服的味道。按摩了几分钟后冲掉,肤色有提亮,第二天早晨看肤色还是很透亮,果然超赞。最后一句,大小姐pick me!!