【Five-minute recipe】With this package of Wujiang mustard, your spicy bowl noodles will not be short of anything.

To be honest, I have been buying Yami noodles for so long, and I have never bought Wujiang mustard. I suddenly feel that I have made Yami noodles by myself in the past few years! The first time I bought it, I thought it was really delicious! It just subverted my old-fashioned view of mustard.

This time I had soba noodles, spinach sausage egg soba noodles. So nutritious! Rich in iron, fiber and protein.

1⃣️ First, cook the noodles and let them cool.

2⃣️ Boil water, pour in sausages and eggs and cook without stirring, so Eggs don't rot.

3⃣️ Pour in the prepared soba, add spinach, and roll 2-3minutes, add salt and turn off the heat.

The combination of eggs and spinach makes the soup fresh and delicious! Finally, add a little Wujiang mustard, which really improved this bowl of noodles several grades. Slightly spicy, sour and crunchy, the taste is so good! 😊😊😊Very recommended!

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1⃣️ 首先,把面煮熟,过冷河备用。

2⃣️ 煮水,倒入香肠和鸡蛋煮,不要搅拌,这样鸡蛋才不会烂。

3⃣️ 倒入准备好的荞麦面,倒入菠菜,再滚2-3分钟加盐,收火就好了。